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MercedesBlue Blog Pinterest Account Management

we successfully managed the Pinterest profile of our client, MercedesBlue. Since November 2022, we have been working tirelessly to optimize their pins, drive engagement, and enhance their online presence. Our collaboration continues as we strive for ongoing success

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we undertook the challenge of managing the Pinterest profile for our client, MercedesBlue. When we began, the profile was entirely new and fresh. Our initial tasks involved setting up the account, optimizing the profile boards, and creating captivating pins. We implemented a strategic schedule for posting pins to maximize engagement and visibility. As the project progressed, we dedicated our full-time efforts to monitor and analyze the performance of the Pinterest profile. Through continuous monitoring, we fine-tuned our strategies to drive organic traffic, increase followers, and enhance the overall visibility of MercedesBlue’s brand on Pinterest.

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01 November 2022

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Mary Ann Schott
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Mercedes Blue

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